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Enrollment Information:

Culinary Summer Programs:  Vax Required in NYC

In regards to the campusNYC 2021 Zoom Q+A sessions:  “Actually, thank YOU!  That parent info/Q&A was the first time in two years that I have left a “school meeting” feeling more positively about a program. 
In any event, my thanks to you and your colleagues for the bright spot of hope.  Quinn and I are both super excited for the time he is going to spend with you, and I am already hoping that future summers might include even more of it!   VERY best wishes
– Elysabeth (2021 Parent)

“Thank you so much for Alex’s wonderful week at campusNYC! He did not stop talking about the great experience he had, and would definitely love to return next year.  He especially enjoyed getting to know you and told me about all the wonderful talks you two had. I knew this program would be a great fit for him and I am pleasantly surprised at just how much he got out of it. He enjoyed working with the Chefs very much and made friends with many of the other campers. He is looking forward to coming back next year and said he would love to attend a two-week session.”

– Take care, Nadia (2018 Parent)

“My favorite thing about evening events was visiting Chinatown and Little Italy because we get to see different ethnic cuisines and diversity.” – Olivia (2017 student)

To register:  CLICK HERE

June 25: UPDATE –2021 is SOLD OUT.  Join our waitlist or attend our program in Austin.

2021 Dates:

Session 1: June 27 – July 10th, 2021 – 2 weeks!

Session 2: July 11 – July 17th, 2021 – 1 week

Session 3: July 18 – July 24, 2021 – 1 week

Session 4: July 25 – July 31, 2021 – 1 week

day and residential options available at all sessions

To register: CLICK HERE


2-week residential: $5995

1-week residential: $3495

2-week day student: $2995

1-week day student: $1695



COVID: On May 21 the State of New York released new guidance for summer camps.  Reading it closely, it will be impossible for us to run our program they way we run.  For one thing it requires 6-feet of social distancing between all unvaccinated students – at all time indoors – at that would make the dorm, and especially the kitchen basically impossible for meaningful culinary instruction.  It would not be operating as designed.   So, all students at campusNYC are therefore required to be vaccinated by the time their session begins.  We apologize for any impact this may have on you and your family.

DISCOUNTS: MULTI-SESSION and SIBLING DISCOUNTS:  Attend 2 one-week sessions and save

Multi-Session and Sibling Discount: Combine 2 one-week sessions and pay a bit less than our 2-week session!   We offer 15% off the total tuition if you register one student for two or more sessions of your choice.   So 2 one-week residential sessions would equal $5942 and 2 one-week day sessions would be $2881!  You can even add a third week after our 2-week session and apply 15% off to both!

*to get this discounted 2-session pricing, simply click both sessions in the registration system and it will automatically put in the discount at checkout.*

Residential Program Includes: 

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • A room in one of our residence hall (which is air-conditioned, secure, and very luxurious)
  • Touring, travel and fun / attractions
  • All kitchen activities
  • All transportation with the staff throughout host cities on event nights
  • Ticket and entry fees when required on event night
  • Food and cooking supplies
  • A campusNYC chef’s jacket with your name sewn onto it (nice!)
  • A camp t-shirt
  • As much fun as we can jam out!

Singles or doubles?  NEW FOR THIS YEAR AND COVID:  Residential Students can choose a standard double OR a single.  A double means a roommate!  A single means it is just the student in the room.  The choice is yours; same price!

Day Program Includes:
 The program begins at 10:00 a.m. for day students (with free early drop-off at the dorm as usual, please contact us to make plans and coordinate schedules). The day ends at 6pm at the kitchen.

  • Lunch and dinner and all coursework
  • Food and cooking supplies
  • A Culinary Summer chef’s jacket with your name sewn onto it
  • A camp t-shirt
  • And as much fun as we can jam into the culinary summer programs!
  • Lunch and dinner and all coursework
  • Food and cooking supplies
  • A campusNYC chef’s jacket with your name sewn onto it (awesome)
  • A camp t-shirt
  • And as much fun as we can jam into the culinary summer programs!

Enrollment update:  May 30th 2021

*** Vax required:  All students/staff at campusNYC are required to be vaccinated against COVID-19 by the time their session begins**   

Due to restrictions in NYC issued on May 21st, and the nature of the program and the City, the only way to operate is by requiring vaccination for all student and staff in NYC.  For our location in Austin Texas there is no such requirement.  The teaching and curriculum and vibe are the same… the difference is the city we get to explore!  And… the dorms are killer in Austin…..    check it out HERE.

Refund Policy in the age of COVID: safety and financial security:

You can register for our 2021 Summer Culinary programs with confidence! If we cannot deliver on our promise around safety, or if the program is cancelled for any reason, we would issue full and complete refunds. In addition, students may cancel their registrations for any reason by May 15, 2021 and receive a full refund including the deposit. If at any time Summer Culinary closes a program location, students may choose to switch to another location, receive a full refund or pre-register for 2022.

On or before May 15th:

A $1000 deposit is due to create a registration. Until that date students can choose to withdraw for any reason and all tuition, including additional optional charges, is refundable for any reason including the $1000 deposit.

After May 15th:

For new registrants:  After May 15th all registrations must be paid in full at the time of registration. After this date no paid tuition, including additional charges, will be refunded for any student who no-shows, withdraws or is dismissed for any reason.  Spaces only on a space-available basis; waitlists do exist and can be found inside the registration system for most current update.  

For current registrants (who registered before May 15th):  All remaining balances are now due.

Enrollment process: Admission is rolling and subject to closure upon the program reaching maximum enrollment. We do not require letters of recommendation, transcripts, essays or pictures of previous culinary masterpieces. Applications will be accepted until a week before the program begins, or when the program fills, whichever occurs first. It is recommended that students enroll as early as possible to reserve their space at our premier culinary summer program.  Check our FAQs or call us for further answers!

Payment Plans and Cost Structures: We know that this is expensive and we can work with you on your payment plan. Enroll by paying the non-refundable $1,000 deposit; after that we allow you to pay as much as you want, whenever you want, with no additional fee as long as the program is fully paid before your session starts.


Optional Airport Service

We offer pick-up/drop-off service from JFK and LGA (LaGuardia) airports. Please note:  pickup / dropoff is NOT available at Newark (EWR) airport.  We will communicate directly with you once you purchase this option about all the details… we know how critical it is to do this part right!

Arrival Day/1st day of session:  Preferred times: Arrive by 1PM

Departure Day/last day of session:  Preferred times: Depart before noon

Cost:  $95/one-way and $175/round-trip (choose either way or both ways)

Call us or email us if you have any questions about anything! 

International students may find it easier to email us.

References Always Available Please Contact Us!


Our culinary summer programs are fun!
Our culinary summer programs are fun!