Rogue Squads

Our savory and baking camp students tour the city in the evenings.

Everyone’s favorite evening activity! In the evenings our residential students become locals, touring and checking out all the best spots with our smart, savvy staff.
campusNYC students join us from all over the globe. Each student is bringing along with them their own set of experiences – some have been to New York City a million times, and others it’s their very first time. We started our Rogue Squads to help the students personalize their time in NYC.
We have two kinds of evenings at campusNYC:  Group Activities and Rogue Squads. 
A Group activity is where we go somewhere together…. like a Broadway show which is included in the residential tuition!
Rogue Squads is when we break into small groups and go on student-designed excursions.  Small groups of students go out on missions they design, of course each group is accompanied by staff!  More often than not we Rogue Squad… unless there is a cool pop-up concert or something we discover… its NYC you never know… we saw a pop-up U2 concert once!
Sample Rogue Squad Plans:
1.  SoHo Sneakers and Snacks:  3 fancy sneaker stores, Supreme, other brands, go for the latest drops, then Shake Shack, then cut through the markets to ice cream or sorbet in Little Italy
2. Shopping in SoHo with coffee and dessert:  Hit up all the best stores, Glossier, Brandy Melville, whatever you’re into, they are all right there, then get cookies and beignets, a patio outdoor table near the village for coffees and dessert, street shopping.
3. The biggies: Times Square – Empire State Building – One World Trade Center – Statue of Liberty (we recommend the ferry way) – Ground Zero – Broadway Bridge Park.  We have had kids fly in who have lived in towns where there is literally no building taller than 4 stories… can you imagine them taking their picture with Spiderman in Times Square?!!  We have seen kids literally cry upon first sight of some of these places they know from shows, movies or other media.  
4.  Our own best-of tours:  We already have some killer evenings planned.  We know just the right way, the right times, and the right places to go.  Like the Brooklyn Graffiti Tour with a stop at Juniors.  Honestly, it is the best.  We are the best.  Come discover for yourself.


Rogue squad destinations have included:

After all that, we head back to the dorm to chill out!

Another group of students may want to go shopping, and check out stores in Soho. This group will pop in and out of clothing stores like Brandy Melville or Nike, Supreme, or even MAC or Urban Outfitters, then grab a famous dessert from Dominique Ansel Bakery, and finish off the day with a selfie photo shoot in Washington Square park!

Rogue Squads, named by: MYK (a beloved counselor!)
MYK being a goof in Central Park for the baking camp students!
MYK being a goof in Central Park!
Disclaimer:  students don’t get to do ‘whatever they want to do’; we honor student requests within reason.  Nothing unsafe or not possible.  Students are welcome to research places they would like to visit, food to try, and fun happenings around the city. The students group up, and counselors will join them in their adventure. Our counselors are all familiar with NYC, and the subway – so we can help make almost any Rogue Squad plan come to life.
Its all about possibility!  What do you want to create?
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