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Our Kitchen

Top-Notch Facilities: Pro Kitchens

Our kitchen spaces are large, professional, and equipped with professional-level machines of all sorts. This is of course a critical component to our summer cooking class configuration, and one of the best reasons to choose our program. Before you choose any program,call them and ask about their actual kitchen. If they mention hot plates and school rooms, you know to run! Our program is built on two main components in integrity: Pro kitchens and Pro chefs. Professional – level kitchens are a must!

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    Working on techniques with pro chefs at campusNYC

“Amazing summer cooking experience! Recommend expanding the (summer cooking class). I loved my time outside of class, I loved my class, and I found the chef to be knowledgeable about the subject matter.”  
– Keeley,  summer 2015

Specialized equipment and dedicated space:

Lower East Side, NYC: All of our students are cooking in our kitchen located at Milk Money Kitchen on the Lower East Side. This is a brand new space, a 100% new build-out of a commercially-licensed pro kitchen space for culinary start-ups and food enterprises of all sorts. During the day we take over the whole space. The smart layout and sparkling new everything lends to a very cool, professional commercial vibe. And all the gear is right at hand.

Totally cool location: The kitchen does have a window counter for serving that can be opened up to the foot traffic outside on Avenue A. There shaded outside is cafe seating out front for our students. Tompkins Square Park and the heart of LES is literally outside the door; steps to Nolita and just beyond that, Chinatown and SoHo and everything else. It’s a great place to start an evening in NYC, and for our residential students, we start there and end up in the Upper East Side in time for dorm check-in.


2 students from Dallas, TX enjoying the summer cooking class in NYC!
2 students from Dallas, TX enjoying the summer cooking class in NYC!

Our Summer Cooking Class Staff

It is our staff that makes the program so spectacular.  Our summer cooking class is about skill-building.  It is about trying things yourself, over and over.  It is in friendly competition, where everyone helps everyone, and the spirit of try-and-try-again lives on.  Our staff will SHOW the students what to do, how to do it, and right in front of them.  We will help the students gain critical understanding.  And we will bring in outside chefs for one-day courses in things like sushi making and desserts.  If we know an expert in a certain area – and we know a lot of them – we will bring them in and let them go nuts in our kitchen.  Food and flour flying everywhere and suddenly we’ve made the most delicious cake… and so on and so on….

Chefs & Special Guests

During our classroom-based academic portion of the day, we sometimes mix it up by having special guests. Our intent is to give the students access to information and education in a hands-on way that is second-to-none and unparalleled in scope and depth. Demos and guests range from sushi chefs who show us how to hand-roll sushi.  

We have had specials in: sushi rolling, salt of the world, spices of the world, chocolates, and even a guy who spent an hour talking and tasing nothing but cheese of the world.  A few years in a row we had Jimmy Prince, The Butcher of Coney Island. He has been featured in tons of magazine and newspaper articles and has 50+ years of experience working as a butcher and running his own shops.   We try to mix this up, and we are committed to connecting these lessons to the curriculum in the kitchen.


Happy campers at our summer cooking class!
Happy campers at our summer cooking class!


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More happy students at our summer cooking class, getting ready to plate their creations.


All smiles at our summer cooking class!
All smiles at our summer cooking class!