Event nights

  • Baking camp girls exploring the Brooklyn Bridge
    Students doing the Brooklyn Bridge walk, followed by pictures and ice cream in Brooklyn Bridge Park, is a must!

Culinary Arts Summer Camp and Cooking School

“My favorite thing at campusNYC are the night activities! As a resident student, the night activities, both in and out of the dorm, were a great opportunity for me to bond with my friends and just have a great time!”  – Bria,  Summer 2017 Residential Student and 2016 Day Student, from NYC

“I’m a theater nerd so I loved the Broadway show so so much. I also liked walking the Brooklyn Bridge and hanging out near the water because it was time to relax and take cool photos.” – Joshua, Summer 2016 Student

“My favorite parts were the Broadway show because it was so funny.  I loved going to Chinatown because we got to eat Chinese food with our friends.  Times Square was fun because of the Hershey store.  Movie night was awesome because seeing a movie on the Pier was cool and the movie was great and we got to hang out.” – Lizzy, Summer 2016 Student


Residential students, get ready, because after our day in the kitchen is over, the rest of the day begins!  Depending on the day, the activity and the weather, sometimes we will do cool NYC things as we head back to the dorm, and sometimes we will head back to the residence hall to clean up and get ready for the night.

Each night is something different, something fresh and fun. Every summer we take our cooking school residential students to a Broadway show. We also make sure to go and do the best of NYC tourist destinations, always with our local-living staff, to get the best insider’s perspective!

Curated destinations:  One of the best reasons to attend campusNYC is the chance to explore NYC cook with the best chefs and have a blast!  Travel safely and with insiders who know just where to go and what to do.  We know all of the little parks, all the best view spots, all the coolest little shops, stores, restaurants, pizza windows, etc.  We know how and where to go when we zip all over town.  We go in small groups, with all sorts of great destinations, each and every day.  Sure, we go to Times Square and SoHo and Little Italy and on and on…. but we also go to the little places most tourists will never see.  We’ve got a favorite rock in Riverside Park for example, that has a really cool view.  Speaking of cool rocks in parks, we know just where to go inside Central Park to get an ice cream and climb up on to those rocks and just chill out.

Foodie tours:  From the best dim sum, to the best dessert, to the single best slice of pizza ever, we work to get our students to the best foodie destinations across the city.

Rogue Squads:  Another amazing element that make campusNYC so great is our invention the Rogue Squads!  Small groups of students going with a counselor to wherever they want in NYC!  Awesome!

Click HERE to see more about Rogue Squads

Past cooking school and culinary arts summer camp has featured the following:

  • Broadway shows: every session we see a different show. We have seen so many over the years.  Call us to see what is planned for this summer!
  • One Freedom Tower:  We visit the 9/11 memorial and go to the top of Freedom Tower.  Very inspiring.
  • Free Concerts around NYC: In past years we have seen bands like The Roots (from the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon)  perform on the pier and scouted out other cool pop-up shows as they appear.
  • Cupcake Mission: we break up into teams to find and bring back the best cupcakes in NYC, then vote on a winner.
  • Central Park. We explore and enjoy the park after cooking school.
  • High Line. We walk and explore the High Line elevated park.
  • Chelsea Market. We visit the vast array of shops contained in the famous market and try food from around the world.
  • Staten Island Ferry. We ride the Ferry, with open-air decks, and check out the Statue of Liberty. It’s very cool.
  • 9/11 Memorial and Tour. Most of the students from out-of-town students want to see the museum and the endless pools at the 9/11 Memorial.
  • Shopping in SoHo and Nolita. The best shopping districts in the world.
  • Chinatown. Explore and sample food in one of the most unique sections of Manhattan.
  • Little Italy. Always good to walk through and experience.
  • Times Square. A major tourist destination of course.
  • Brooklyn Bridge walk. We walk across the bridge and get boutique ice cream on the Brooklyn side, always fun.
  • Outdoor Movies in the park or even the deck of the USS Intrepid to watch National Treasure.