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Day and Overnight Culinary Summer Camps:

References available:  Please call or email us if you would like to be in touch directly with a Summer Culinary family to hear first-hand all about the program.  There really is no comparison, this program is the best.
Every summer we do a survey of our students, and we ask all sorts of questions so we can constantly improve our programming both in the kitchen and out of the kitchen.  Here is a sample of a couple of the survey questions and their results.  These answers will better help you understand why campusNYC keeps on growing, and selling out each and every summer.  We operate our Summer Culinary day and overnight culinary summer camps across the USA with one mantra:  Pro Chefs, Pro Kitchens.
Letters from parents:
“We felt that Summer Culinary was the right combination of trying new things and building confidence in our young chef. The amount of knowledge gained in one week was absolutely fantastic! This experience boosted our daughter’s already strong passion for pastry arts!” – 2022 Parent
“This camp changed my son’s life for the better. He was able to find a community of adults and students that shared the same passion he had for cooking and food. Everyone was so welcoming and supportive. Not only did they have a great time in the kitchen and learning, but did fun activities in the evening to bond and create an inclusive environment. He did 1 week of camp in campusATX and already wants to go back for 2 weeks next year…and maybe even travel to NYC or LA!” – 2022 Parent
My son had an amazing experience at campusNYC! From the staff to the kitchen program, we thought the experience was top notch. For a 13 year old boy to come home and spend the rest of the summer saying how much he missed camp and his friends from camp is a huge win.
Thank you for a terrific two weeks.” – 2021 Parent


“My son had an AMAZING experience with campusNYC culinary camp. Not only did he improve his cooking skills, but he also had opportunities to develop his independence and team working skills and he created memories I’m sure will last a lifetime. On his last day he was already planning for next summer. Great camp experience, we’ll absolutely be back next summer!” – 2021 Parent
“Dear Nick, Thank you so much for Alex’s wonderful week at campusNYC! He did not stop talking about the great experience he had, and would definitely love to return next year.  He especially enjoyed getting to know you and told me about all the wonderful talks you two had. I knew this program would be a great fit for him and I am pleasantly surprised at just how much he got out of it. He enjoyed working with the Chefs very much and made friends with many of the other campers. He is looking forward to coming back next year and said he would love to attend a two-week session.”
 – Take care, Nadia (2017 Parent)

Letters from students:

“This was the best camp that I have ever been to. I would recommend it to anyone who likes cooking. I seriously had the best time and met some of my closest friends here.” – Christy, Summer 2022 student

“I had so much fun at Summer Culinary! It was amazing to connect with other students over our shared love for cooking, and the amazing chefs and counselors!! The cooking was so much fun and I learned so much! Truly a unique and incredible experience! Best camp ever!!” – Lilac, Summer 2022 student

“I liked when we went to Broadway because we all went back to the dorms to get all dressed up.” – Audrey, Summer 2018 student

“My favorite thing about evening events was visiting Chinatown and Little Italy because we get to see different ethnic cuisines and diversity.” – Olivia, Summer 2018 student

“My favorite thing was… everything!  I think it is a combination of the people, the chefs and the counselors.” – Nicole, Summer 2017 student

“This camp has been and always will be one of the best things I do during the summer. It is always something I look forward to and is something that I enjoy doing due to the cooking being more like it would be in a working kitchen then compared to my kitchen at my home. It allows me to grow in my knowledge and gives me the some of the tools and knowledge that I will need to go into the field of cooking. I would only miss the camp for a medical emergency or a family event, I’m not even joking, I love this camp.”
– William, 16, from Long Island (2019)
“I love the fact that it felt like a real cooking camp rather than a camp that says “Today we are going to make chocolate chip cookies”. There were real skills being taught and learned.” – Antoinnea, Bahamas, 17

Dear campusNYC,  I REALLY loved camp and I would totally recommend for anyone who enjoys cooking and exploring cities to definitely go here!  The counselors were awesome and my favorite part was all the guests who came in to teach us about the different aspects of cooking, like the photographer and butcher.  The dorms were brand new and a great living space for two weeks…even though we didn’t spend much time there because we were too busy exploring New York City and all its amazing go to shops and tourist locations.  – Madison, 2016 student

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Short Survey Answers: Students were asked: “What was your favorite thing about campusNYC?”:

“I appreciate you guys so much! Thank you for making me feel happy and as comfortable as possible. I came into the experience unsure but I left feeling fulfilled and supported. I am grateful for your generosity and kindness and this fun and positive experience all happened thanks to you.”

“Making friends, memories, and learning how to cook better.”

“Rogue Squads.”

“Learning to plate and how to take great food pics for my insta”

“Glazes and sauces”

“Getting to meet new friends and do things in New York”

“Cooking in the kitchen with all the friends you make and visiting all the iconic New York sites!”

“Going to Chelsea Market.”

“The experience and the friends.”

“All of the awesome friends I made.”


“Learning how to cook different recipes.”

“It was a great balance of culinary and NYC life.”

“Making friends and always having something to do.”

“The personalities of the chefs and counselors.”

“It was a super fun experience!  This was my first time in a sleep away camp!

“Meeting all the wonderful counselors, chefs and campers and to keep in contact with them.”

“My favorite thing was that we all had good vibes with each other and everyone was so nice and the counselors were nice and we got super close with everybody.”

“My favorite parts of campusNYC were the fun and the closeness of everyone and traveling all around the City.”

“Learning how to cook!”

“I really liked making new friends and bonding with them and our outside activities were lit and all the counselors were super nice and chill and they cared about us.”

“Eating our creations.”

“Loved learning about lots of different cuisines.”

“My favorite thing was the pastry chef.”

“Meeting all the great people from all over the country and the world.  Everyone was great!”

“I loved how we got to be independent while we were preparing the dishes, but also got supervision.  This way, we were able to experiment and learn from our mistakes, but also receive tips and assistance.”

“I loved working now with Chef Scott because he was always so fun and also taught us a lot of techniques and information we didn’t know such as the difference between baking soda and powder.”

“Chef Scott was amazing to work with.  He made a great connection with me and knew so much about culinary arts.  I also appreciated his demos before kitchen time.”

“Chef Angie was a great teacher and definitely knew how to lead the group. The best part was that she took us through the recipes and demoed them. Pastry was a lot of fun and I learned a lot.”

“I loved how with Chef Angie she didn’t give us a recipe and tell us to do it, she walked us through what we’re doing and how to do it and I really feel like when I was with her I was at my best!”

“Chef Mireille was very helpful. She was always there when we needed her. Chef M gave us fun and challenging things to do once we were done preparing our designated dishes that day.”

“Chef M helped with small points to thoroughly explain techniques.  She had a lot of knowledge about different cultures and spices and it was cool to lean about her culture.”

“Chef Oonagh was a really fun chef to work with she understood us and cared for each and every one of us and really taught me a lot of new thing that I could use through my life in cooking and if there’s ever a chance to work with her again I would.”

“Chef Oonagh.  She was very patient and kind.  She was always there when we needed assistance, and gave us frequent pointers for us to keep in mind, which was very helpful.  She encouraged us to be creative and use our imaginations to make unique presentations and special dishes during our Chopped competitions.”

“Meeting people who came in from all over the world and competing in Chopped!”

Our overnight culinary summer camps go to Broadway every year.

Students: what was your favorite thing to cook?

“Quiche.”  “Sushi.”  “Milanese Chicken.”  “Jambalaya.”  “Asian Food.” “French.” “Mussels.” “I loved learning how to make Indian cuisine.” “Masaman curry.”  “Indian.”  Pastry.” “Chicken Pot Pie.”  “Jambalaya”. “I really liked the Asian day and I also loved the pastries.” “Mexican.”  “Roasting a pig.”  “Vietnamese.”  “Japanese.”  “Japanese, specifically sushi.” “Tiramisu”.  “Kebob.” “Italian.” “Salad Nicoise.”  “Donuts!” “Ropa Vieja.” Tandoori Chicken.” “Crepes.” “Strawberry Shortcake.” “Greek.”  “Macaroons.”


More Notes from parents (references are available):

Dear Lindsay,
Joseph has really enjoyed his time there. He has sent me pictures of the food they cook each day. He is really proud of himself, what he has learned, the new friends he has made, and his accomplishments in the kitchen. A huge thank you to you and your wonderful staff for all that you have done to make this camp a success. – Mary (2019 Parent)
Hi Lindsay!
Thanks for all your great work, and the *totally awesome* experience of the Culinary Intensive, and the Chopped competition! Henry had a great time, and really enjoyed the unique experience!
Thanks again for a terrific culinary experience!  – Michelle (2018 Parent)
Dear Lindsay,
Thank you so much for Alex’s wonderful week at campusNYC! He did not stop talking about the great experience he had, and would definitely love to return next year. He especially enjoyed getting to know you and told me about all the wonderful talks you two had. I knew this program would be a great fit for him and I am pleasantly surprised at just how much he got out of it. He enjoyed working with the Chefs very much and made friends with many of the other campers.
He is looking forward to coming back next year and said he would love to attend a two week session.
Take care,  Nadia (2017 Parent)
Dear campusNYC,
We were very nervous about sending our daughter from TN to NYC for two weeks. She was only 12 and had only ever been to a local day camp. But she had a fantastic experience at campusNYC and couldn’t wait to re-register for next year. She matured so much while she was there, and her love of cooking (and her skills) grew tremendously. She was surrounded by counselors and new friends who took great care of her, she got an early taste of collegiate roommate life, and she’s still close friends with so many other kids she met. We are very particular and protective and did a lot of research before we sent her. I’d highly recommend the program! It was worth every penny. – Wynne, (2016 Parent)
Dear Lindsay,
Dom loved her experience at camp overall and has even talked about going next year.  We are so glad she had this opportunity.  I really believe it inspired her and expanded her mind, and the impact of something like this can’t be overstated in the areas of self-awareness and independence… the overall experience was amazing and she feels she made several friends for life.  I feel so grateful to you, Nilan, and the others for taking great care of my girl and I rested well and felt peaceful that she was in good hands… the kid I picked up was a more mature, confident, and self-assured version of the kid I dropped off.  So you guys are definitely on the right track and of the right heart. – Andi (2016 Parent)
Hi Lindsay,
Jules loved the program! It appeared well ran. She said the social aspect was such fun. She enjoyed the trips very much, even being a New Yorker. The cooking aspect was a great experience for her. The counselors were terrific! Such a great group. She loved the camp and can’t wait till next year. – Grace (2019 Parent)
Dear Lindsay,
Jared had the best summer of his life at campusNYC! He learned so many new skills and absolutely loved the variety of dishes. He was very passionate about cooking and this was a really safe, fun and nurturing environment which helped him get to the next level. With all of the sightseeing and a Broadway show there was never a dull moment. Lindsay, the chefs and other campers were all extremely supportive and he can’t wait to come back next summer!  I would highly recommend this program! – Pam (2015 Parent)
Dear Lindsay,
I am pleased with my son’s experience at campusNYC last summer. He went to camp with so much excitement and came home with such an appreciation for cooking.  He insisted on making some of the delicious recipes he learned at camp for our family. The highlight was when he rolled sushi and taught us all how to do it. I would highly recommend this camp if your child has a passion for cooking, regardless of level! It really is an opportunity they will never forget! He is even in contact with the friends he met last year and is excited to see them again this summer! – Meagan (2016 Parent)
Dear campusNYC,
Being from a small town we were apprehensive when Caylee wanted to enroll at campusNYC but we decided to let her go and we are so thankful we did. Caylee loved the counselors, the daily time in the kitchen and the  Broadway show. The 2 weeks she spent in the kitchen helped her decide to go to pastry school. campusNYC was an awesome experience for our girl! – Caron (2014 Parent)
Dear campusNYC,
Here are my answers to your questions! – Allison, parent of an overnight culinary summer camps kid:
1 – why did you choose to send Henry to campusNYC in the first place? I had done some research online about different culinary camps and campusNYC looked like the most comprehensive and the most fun!
2 – were you happy with Henry’s experience at camp? We were very pleased with Henry’s experience at camp. He liked it so much he wrote an essay to apply for the CIT program for the following summer. We also were very impressed with the large working kitchen that the campers used to learn and perfect their culinary masterpieces.
3 – what was it like when Henry got accepted to CIA?  We were very happy for him. He was excited.
4 – do you have any thoughts for other parents thinking about sending their child to campusNYC? If your child is interested in culinary school, the first step would be to go to campusNYC. The culinary camp is first rate and a lot of fun too. 
 As you can see, parents and students simply love campusNYC!  Our overnight culinary summer camps – and day programs – are awesome.  See you this summer!
On the pizza tour at our overnight culinary summer camps!
On the pizza tour at our overnight culinary summer camps!


We just like this picture of one of our students, we don't know why!
We just like this picture of one of our students, we don’t know why!

campusNYC – overnight culinary summer camps based in the heart of New York City.  In addition to the best hands-on instruction, our program gives students the ability to explore NYC as never before.  Moving in small groups, supervised by experienced NYC residents and caring, committed counselors, our overnight culinary summer camps are an amazing experience students will never forget.